Resources (5th session)


It is difficult to decide which potential location is most suitable for the storage of machinery and materials, the offices, the whole plant. It is not necessary to lease the locations in high-price-places. A possible location that the company founders come across could be a former factory that went out of business years ago. If it is located somewhat outside the main center of the district, and the space is offered to the new company founders cheaply, the team could decide that this is an ideal location offering new perspectives.

For further information:
The Sushi Experience: “Development Status”

Food for Thought

If you want to start a company you need a special location and specific resources. Consider the following aspects:

  • What is your requirement in raw materials?
  • On average, what quantity of raw materials do you want to keep in stock?
  • What are the strategic advantages of your location, i.e. is it relatively cheap, easily accessible, and close to potential customers?
  • How is the location connected to your product?


Now prepare a handout for your team meeting:

  • Which location would you recommend?
  • What are your reasons for your recommendation?
  • Which resources do you think are necessary?

If you want to prepare for the meeting check the resources.

For further information: Business Story: “Pamper your customers – They’ll love you for it!”

5th meeting

Now go on and start your meeting!

Which location is suitable for your company according to your product and the necessary resources?

After having gathered all the necessary information your team has to decide on the location and the resources for your future start-up business.

  • First of all choose the chair-person.
  • Discuss all aspects.
  • Sum up the results in the minutes (resources) of the 5th session.
  • Send your results and your decision to your tutor.

Resources / Downloads

Here you will find all the important documents and worksheets.

The Sushi Experience

“Development Status”

Business Story

“Pamper your customers – They’ll love you for it!”


Vocabulary Sheet (PDF)
Sort your vocabulary (PDF)
What have I learned (PDF)
Minutes – 5th meeting (PDF)