Final Session (9th session)


Now it is time to get down to business. Your team has to present your company on an international fair for start-uppers. It is up to you how you introduce yourselves as young entrepreneurs to the public.

For further information:
The Internet offers a lot of useful sources on how to give a presentation, e.g. “Business Presentations and Public Speaking in English“

Food for Thought

What is necessary to make your presentation a unique one? Use your imagination and your creativity to develop a convincing and snappy presentation of your company.


Develop a presentation of your company. Use your minutes as a draft and keep in mind your main objective: How does your company make a difference?

If you want to prepare for the meeting check the resources.

9th meeting

Now go on and start your meeting!

Now it is up to you to present your product and your business plan to a jury.

  • Write down the outline of your presentation in the minutes (resources) and send them to your tutor.

Resources / Downloads

Here you will find all the important documents and worksheets.

“Business Presentations and Public Speaking in English“


Vocabulary Sheet (PDF)
Sort your vocabulary (PDF)
What have I learned (PDF)
Minutes – 9th meeting (PDF)