Before You Start

What is our approach?

We cannot assume that all students have international experience. However, the fact that most of them have national work experience should enable the students to demonstrate their skills and qualifications within this project.

The method is an open one. The program offers group work in combination with individual study. Individual studies prepare for various group sessions. In these group meetings each student has to act as an expert. In this role he/she has to outline future developments while presenting results, figures, and facts. Each meeting is chaired by a different person. Thus, all members of the team are able to the practice role of a chairperson. Minutes should be taken during the various meetings to make sure that everybody is well informed about the procedure and the results.

The core of the project is the decision-making process. The basic task is to develop an excellent business plan.

The instructor’s role is the one of a coach. He/she acts behind the scene supporting the students in becoming effective decision-makers. Overall, this case study will allow the student to gain an insight into the different steps of starting a new business venture.

This is a self-study pack so you are the one who must decide how to work on the material . Working on your own you will have the advantage of deciding what to do and in what way, according to your own needs and constraints (time, energy, interests, level of concentration).

We advise you to follow your own judgement. It is better to do 35% of the material well than to attempt 100% and give up or lose concentration without doing any of it well. So you choose!

You do need discipline though in order to make progress. So plan your study. Don’t try to do six hours altogether. It is better to work in shorter chunks of time with breaks. Decide on a good length of time – say 2 hours – and set yourself an objective, e.g. to complete an exercise.

If you are tired, or feel that you have lack concentration, be realistic. Change focus or do something completely different so that you can return to the material later. Take control of your learning. You are the only person who can do the learning – no one else will do it for you – so make sure that you prepare properly, that you plan realistically, that you monitor your performance, and that you persevere, just as you do in the rest of your professional activities.

A useful approach might be to make a plan and keep a record of your progress. That will give you a sense of achievement and help you to monitor yourself at the same time. You will become aware of which times in the week are good (or bad) for studying, and be able to adjust your program to take that into consideration.


Try to complete the mind map with the help of the previous text.


What are you going to learn?


Your personal learning style

Check the options and think about your preferred ways of learning.

Test your learning style:   Learning Styles Questionnaire


Ways of learning

In order to learn more about the different learning styles have a closer look at this mind map.