The Sushi Experience

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Welcome to “The Sushi Experience”. With the aid of our realistic storyline, “The Sushi Experience”, you will learn how to create a professional business plan. Every exercise is aimed at guiding you through the essential elements of the plan. However, part of the challenge is to create the elements yourself! When you have finished you will have gained experience in business plan writing, you will have exercised and, with some luck, perfected the skills you have and you will have recognised areas to which you need to pay more attention.

You will be working on a business plan for a start up company in the North East of England called The Sushi Experience. The Sushi Experience was founded by Sue Shi and the company aims to sell sushi products to gourmet shops and caterers in Gateshead and the surrounding area. The company‘s aim is to be a niche marketer.

Sue Shi is ambitious and her five-year business plan for The Sushi Experience involves market expansion and extending distribution of its sushi products across the whole of the North East of England and across the border into Scotland. Here Sue Shi’s vision includes all up-market caterers providing upper-class dinner services.

The Sushi Experience will provide tough competition on the Sushi market with its latest maki-zushi creations and vegetarian dishes. It’s promise of exceptionally fresh products and designer presentation will justify the marginally higher price of the products.

In each part of the story you will be confronted with three choices for how the appropriate element of the business plan should read. The challenge is to read the choices and decide which one of them appeals to you most. You will then follow this route and read why your answer is correct or not – as the case may be.

After working your way through the business plan for The Sushi Experience you will be in a super position to write your own business plan!

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