Business Description

It was the negative comments from English people about eating “smelly raw fish and inedible weedy stuff”, which made Sue sure that her concept would work. A beautifully designed and presented sushi speciality would soon change their minds – and the vegetarian alternatives would be music to anyone’s ears. All her guinea pigs had been absolutely delighted when they tried her products. She had tested them on friends and colleagues, and had always listened to their comments and had adapted her creations where necessary – a kind of informal market survey.

However, for her business plan, Sue needs a positioning statement. The designer presentation and guaranteed extra freshness will justify the marginally higher price of her products as she knows. She is also absolutely sure about her target groups – gourmet caterers, restaurants and shops, as well as the young professional who likes to be a cut above the rest. Sue has also taken care to check out the competition – they offer basic sushi products at a lower price but with no real flair.

Choose one of the following statements as a good positioning statement for The Sushi Experience:

Choice A

The Sushi Experience offers fresh designer maki-zushi specialities and vegetarian dishes.

Choice B

The Sushi Experience means the most deliciously fresh maki- zushi and vegetarian designer creations for people who prefer that little bit of extra style.

Choice C

The Sushi Experience – try it once and you succumb forever!



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