“Your customers are your future” was something that Sue’s father always told her and it was with this in mind that Sue began to research her market using her own methods. She first did some field work in gourmet shops and restaurants, trying out the various dishes and products on offer. At the same time, she made a note of the kind of customers at the different locations. Fully aware of the fact that her selling point is design she paid particular attention to the customer who appreciated the presentation of the product. This was something she found extremely easy to observe at a trade fair held nearby. Here she was able to observe choices made by gourmet caterers and take note of what the competition had to offer. Local trade magazines were a super source of information, giving market and demographic data – a comprehensive database of what, where and who!

Sue Shi needs to create a portrait of her target customer. Which one of the following profiles do you think is the best?

Choice A

The Sushi Experience’s target group includes consumers, sushi restaurants and other sushi retailers in Gateshead and the surrounding area who are willing to pay a little extra.

Choice B

Gateshead has been enjoying a growth in economic terms for some time now. Numerous new firms have been set up employing hundreds of upper class consumers, and increased government spending has meant a total transformation from a depressed area to a quickly developing business oasis still attracting more people. Sushi products are in demand at restaurants and shops. The Sushi Experience’s designer products will be targeted at these outlets as well as at caterers.

Choice C

The Sushi Experience will target Japanese gourmet restaurants and shops and gourmet caterers in and around Gateshead, serving products in demand from the increasing number of upper class professionals still crowding into the Gateshead area. These professionals, are between the ages of 25 and 45, married and single, and have a higher than average income. They like trying new, exotic foods and enjoy healthy trends where the design element plays a special role.



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