Sales and Marketing Strategy

As in all businesses, excellent sales and marketing strategies are critical to the success of The Sushi Experience. Sue has already had talks with one of the leading advertising agencies, Geordie Advertising, in Newcastle which will not only be responsible for the advertising campaigns but have a much more holistic approach and will coach in other marketing areas such as corporate identity. Geordie Advertising were quick to recognize The Sushi Experience’s growth potential and agreed to work on a per project basis. In the future, when The Sushi Experience is established, Sue could then afford to work with Geordie Advertising on a more permanent basis.

In the business plan Sue Shi must describe the series of ads and promotions Geordie Advertising has presented.

Take a look at the following descriptions and choose the one you think would be best to describe Sue’s advertising campaign:

Choice A

The Sushi Experience will launch several different ads at the same time. All have been developed by Geordie Advertising. The first campaign involves ads targeting gourmet shops and caterers to motivate them to try our maki-zushi and vegetarian products. The other adverts are aimed directly at consumers. The ads will be accompanied by press releases, interviews and other advertising tools.

Choice B

Geordie Advertising, a leading agency in Newcastle, is responsible for our advertising campaign – the ads and the placement. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact Buri Toro or Ben Shoga our creative directors.


Choice C

Geordie Advertising’s strategy is aimed both at caterers and retailers, to get the product into the gourmet shops, and directly at consumers to increase demand.

First, owners and buyers at Japanese gourmet stores will be targeted. The designer presentation of the maki-zushi specialities and vegetarian creations is the strong selling point.

Stores will be encouraged to be first to offer the designer products in their area – to be “a cut above the rest”. Ads will appear in the local trade newspapers for gourmet restaurants, caterers and shops e.g., “The Beefeater” in Newcastle, and will focus on quality, design, freshness and promotional pricing. Gourmet restaurant owners/managers and caterers can obtain samples of the products by returning the attached coupon, calling a free-phone number or by e-mailing an address set up especially to deal with enquiries.

Ads will run in all local trade papers in the period before the Great Food Trade Fair to be held in The City Hall at Newcastle. The Sushi Experience will have a stand at this fair to present its products directly to consumers, caterers, gourmet restaurants and shop owners. This personal presentation is a most effective method of promotion offering the opportunity to ask questions and present benefits specific to these customers. (for more details see “Trade Fair” section below).

Once the retail distribution channels are in place consumers can be targeted specifically. – “Welcome to The Sushi Experience!” On a chosen date free samples of maki-zushi and the vegetarian specialities will be offered to consumers taking their lunch break. Students and people looking for mini-jobs will be hired to distribute the samples in the main city centre and business areas. With every sample the consumer will receive a coupon worth 50 pence. He or she can present this coupon at a Japanese gourmet shop when purchasing a product from The Sushi Experience. The consumer will also receive a list of local restaurants and shops where the products are available.

This promotional campaign will be supported with advertising on local radio stations promoting The Sushi Experience as “an experience like nothing before”. For three days leading up to the street campaign and on the day of the campaign consumers will be invited to “broaden their horizons” and to “feel the Sushi Experience”. The ads will run just before the local news is broadcast to ensure a large number of listeners. This event will be supported with an interview on local radio with Sue Shi describing her products and designs. Local newspapers will also run ads for the event and we expect newspaper coverage because of the nature of the event.


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