Sunpower – Communication Strategies for Business Purposes

A Marketing

We are not selling energy
The Commercial Director outlines a plan for jointly producing home systems for the rural market with a partner in a developing country.
Communication strategy: ART Agreeing how to work together

B Finance

We both win
The Finance Director negotiates the payment of a bill and contract terms with an important client.
Communication strategy: IDEA ‘win-win’ negotiating

C Sales

Our business is selling
The Sales Manager reports on half-yearly sales to the management team and
answers some questions.
Communication strategy: CRAFT reporting and presenting

D Planning

lnnovate or else
The managers brainstorm to come up with innovations in products and processes. We look into the future and visit a joint venture factory abroad.
Communication strategy: SOLAR – problem solving


This course has been designed for intermediate to advanced students of  English.

You will

  • learn about communication strategies by taking part in business conversations
  • practise strategies step by step
  • acquire the language skills needed

See Course Overview for additional information.


This learning system was created as a result of the collaboration between University of Applied Sciences Cologne (TH Köln), Germany, two language and media consultants in the UK, and the Institut für Verbundstudien der  Fachhochschulen Nordrhein-Westfalens (Institute for lntegrated Campus and Distance Learning), Hagen, Germany.

The project was funded by the Government of North-Rhine Westphalia and the Federal Government of Germany through the Federal Republic – Land Committee (BLK), Bonn.

The production gratefully acknowledges the assistance and cooperation of the Intersolar Group Ltd., UK, in the creation of Sunpower. Special thanks are due in particular for the help and support of Jean Wolff.

The situations and characters depicted in this programme are purely fictitious. The producers wish to make it clear that the situations, language and business practices portrayed therein do not necessarily reflect any of the procedures of the lntersolar Group.

Acknowledgement to Deutsches Institut für Fernstudienforschung (DIFF), Tübingen, Germany, for supporting the project.