A Marketing – Sequence 1 – Interact Mode

You may now view a dialogue between Peter Brown, Commercial Director of Intersolar and Mr Silva, the Managing Director of an energy development company in a developing country.

Peter Brown’s objectives proposed for the agenda are

  • to set up a joint venture in Mr Silva’s country to produce small home
    solar powered system
  • to find someone to arrange finance for getting their products into the market
  • to find partners to gain market access in Mr Silva’s country
  • to get Mr Silva’s country to supply all the items for their systems, except for solar cells, and to get Mr Silva’s company to find other manufacturing partners in his country.

Mr Silva outlines his company’s credentials and wants

  • to develop solar energy project
  • to discuss several sizes of solar powered plants to be installed in his country.

The meeting ends with the two companies agreeing to work together on a joint venture.

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The meeting could progress in several ways depending on  the STRATEGY alternatives chosen:
 How should Mr Silva respond?


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