Course Overview

Course Overview

What the course does and does not do

It helps you to improve your English.

It does not concentrate on the detailed skills of language production, although these will be improved by your following the course.

It is a STRATEGY based course, which enhances your ability to use effective communications strategies in English.

Who it is for

Engineers and technologists, although many others will benefit from the practice it gives.

Intermediate to advanced speakers of English.

What it consists of

This website with all the course material.

An accompanying workbook which is your personal record as you learn and use the strategies in your work and social life.

How it is constructed

The ‘Before you start’ section helps you focus on what you will learn from each of the eight situations in this course.

The eight situations tell a story, based on the installation of wind turbine energy plants on a site in the UK. Our researchers observed engineers at work and we have used this ‘real life’ information for writing the situations.

You can use each situation separately or go through the course from situations 1 to 8.

Each situation contains the strategies which you need to learn.

You can listen, read the text, take part in the dialogue, and even listen to the complete dialogue where you have taken part.

The Strategic Activities section gives you practice with the strategies so you can achieve trouble-free communication in your work.

You can read through explanations and do exercises, and you have the opportunity to review the current situation.

Additionally you will find:

– A Glossary of selected technical terms with definitions and examples.

Grammar Notes on language problems related to the situations of this programme.