Communication Strategies

In the different situations of “The Winds of Change”, you get to know a set of communication strategies.

ARC strategy

Situation 7 shows the ARC strategy, useful for phone or radio communication. The engineers in this situation are dealing with technical information with safety implications, so they make sure that no errors are made.

FACTS strategy

In Situation 6 the FACTS strategy deals with the language needed for finding the facts required in problem solving or decision making.

INFO strategy

Situation 2 shows the INFO strategy, that offers various techniques useful for conducting a meeting.

PER strategy

In Situation 8, we have heard Simon and Mike discussing the handing over problems. They use the PER strategy similar to decision making ones, but problem solving is a little different.

PLEAD strategy

In the second part of Situation 5, in which George’s nephew Sam is finding out about wind turbines from Jeremy Adams, he uses the PLEAD questioning strategy to make sure he understands the explanation at all stages.

READ strategy

Situation 1 shows the READ strategy, useful for convincing someone else of your point of view through a series of techniques. Rather than pushing your point of view strongly and possibly making the other person angry, you can use the techniques of this strategy.

SCHEME strategy

Situation 4 deals with the SCHEME strategy for decision making processes, which occur in several stages.

SHAPE strategy

Situation 3 shows the SHAPE strategy, a series of techniques for managing meetings.

STEP strategy

Situation 5  shows the STEP strategy, useful for dealing with complaints through a series of techniques. Rather than reacting aggressively to an aggressive person, you can use the techniques of this strategy.



Do you remember the meaning of the words that form the different strategies?

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