Wind Energy Group Ltd.

Wind Energy Group Ltd.

Wind Power has come of age. The commercial generation of electricity using wind turbines has proved itself a reliable and effective source of renewable energy.

As the year 2000 approaches, the twin concerns of global warming and continuing environmental pollution increasingly give rise to the need for cost effective means of generating electricity which do not damage the environment.

Wind Energy Group Limited (WEG) has a history of some fifteen years’ experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of wind turbines.

The company was formed in the United Kingdom with the committed aims of establishing and maintaining a position at the forefront of wind turbine technology and increasing its role in the design, development and manufacture of commercial wind turbines.

WEG designs and manufactures wind turbine generators for the commercial generation of electricity and is able to supply wind turbines to meet all customers’ requirements from individual machines to large turnkey wind farms.

In addition, the company offers the provision of wind related consultancy services including site layout, windspeed measurement, grid connection schemes, together with performance monitoring.

The formation of the company quickly led to the development of WEG’s first 20 metre diameter 250kW turbine, which was installed in July 1983.

This machine was the forerunner to a 3000kW rated 60 metre diameter wind turbine, which commenced operation in November 1987, and is the most powerful wind turbine ever constructed in the United Kingdom.

In 1984 WEG developed a commercial medium sized wind turbine, a 25 metre diameter, 200kW 3-bladed design using a wood epoxy composite for the rotor blades.

The success of this design led to the export of 20 250kW turbines in 1986 for a 5mW commercial windfarm in California.

WEG then introduced a larger more cost effective commercial turbine with a 33 metre 2-bladed rotor.

Again this machine utilised the successful wood-epoxy composite construction for its rotor blades, a construction technology which ensured long life, with excellent fatigue and strength-to-weight properties.

With an output rated at 300kW this turbine offered a host of advanced features including full blade pitching, teetered hub, micro processor control packages with proven software and components designed for a twenty to thirty year life.

In 1993, following over ten years of turbine development, WEG introduced the WEG 400, a 400kW machine.

Continuing to utilise the philosophy of maintaining low up-tower weight, the WEG 400 offers greater strength, reliability and effectiveness, with increased generating capacity.