Example (1): Wind turbines don’t actually look so bad.
Example (2): They are certainly a change.
Example (3): The sound is virtually inaudible.
Example (4): They’re testing everything thoroughly.

Notes on adverbs

Add ‘ly’ to an adjective

  • to tell something extra about the state given in the rest of the sentence,
    for example WHEN, WHERE or HOW something happened or is done.

    Example (1) HOW: ‘don’t actually look’ and
    Example (2) HOW: ‘certainly a change’
    Example (4) HOW: ‘testing everything thoroughly.’
  • to use it as an intensifier for an adjective,
    Example (3): ‘virtually inaudible’

Notes on exceptions

There are exceptions like ‘The turbine runs fast’ (without ‘-ly’) or
‘You have to work hard’(‘hardly’ means you almost don’t work at all).

Some adjectives ending in ‘e’ lose the ending letter when ‘-ly’ is attached to it, such as ‘true’ which becomes ‘truly’.