’some’ or ’any’

’some’ or ’any’

Example (1): You mean, there’ll be some jobs for locals?
‘some jobs’
Example (2): I’m not having those things anywhere on my farm.
Example (3): I haven’t heard about any problem.
‘any problem’
Example (4): We have to establish if our digger has caused any damage.
‘any damage’
Example (5): He’ll be glad to answer any questions.
‘any questions’

Notes on ‘some’ and ‘any

Use ‘some’

  • if a sentence or question has a positive meaning, as in Example (1).

Use ‘any’

  • when a sentence has a negative meaning, as in Example (2),
  • when a sentence expresses doubt, as in Examples (3) and (4), also in the question form,
  • when a positive sentence means there is no limit to something, as in Example (5).