Tenses – Past Tense

Tenses – Past Tense

Example (1): He disappeared an hour ago.
‘… disappeared …’
Example (2): He sent somebody down to the factory on Friday.
‘… sent …’


Use the simple past tense e.g. ‘was, had’ (or a composite form of it
‘had been’) whenever an event clearly happened and ended in the past.

This is often indicated by a time adverbial such as ‘an hour ago’ or ‘last Friday’, as in Examples (1) and (2).

Note on irregular verb forms

There are many irregular verb forms in the past tense in English such as ‘was/were’ from ‘to be’, ‘had’ from ‘to have’, or ‘sent’ from ‘to send’.

If you are unsure about them, consult a grammar book.