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Academic admission requirements

For admission to the Master’s program Web Science (M. Sc.), the applicant is required to have successfully completed his/her Bachelor studies in one of the following fields: computer science, business administration, design, law, psychology or social science. For graduates in other fields than computer science, the program board will decide on the approval.
In addition, applicants are to attest to their professional employment of at least one year after graduation (Bachelor’s program).

Language Requirements

Proficiency in English is expected.


Applicants from Germany / with a German degree:
Applications are possible for the summer term from beginning of december until 30.01. and for the winter term from the end of may until 31th July (deadline). The specific and detailed application process you find here.

International applicants

For all applicants with foreign certificates there is a special procedure: If you are an international candidate with a completed study abroad, a direct application to the University of Applied Sciences Cologne is not possible. Please apply in this case the external web site of Uni-Assist. Please find further details and a checklist at: Please find further details and a checklist at: 

Application deadline: 
for summer term: October 30th
for winter term: April 30th

Tuition Fees

EUR 1,400 per semester

Costs of Living

It is assumed that students reside in their respective home towns and travel to Cologne for two weekends each semester. Board and lodging for the weekends plus travel expenses are to be paid for by the students.