Inter­national Manage­ment & Info­rmation Systems – Online (M.A.)

IMIS Online as a Master of Arts degree in International Management & Information Systems prepares students for leadership roles in a globalized economy where the intelligent use of IT systems is becoming a critical success factor. IMIS Online as a Professional Master’s program is offered mostly online and provides students the opportunity to obtain the M.A. degree while continuing their professional employment.

The English-language degree course is meeting the demand by offering a two-fold qualification where IT-related subjects, such as Business Informatics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, and Electronic Business are coupled with key Business Administration competencies including International Management, International Economics, Process Management, Innovation Management, and Management Accounting & Finance.

State-of-the-art technologies allow for a sophisticated distance learning experience, which is supplemented with a face-to-face introductory week and a face-to-face summer camp on campus. The design of a self-study that is flexible and adapted to individual learning processes is ensured by e-lectures, web-based trainings, interactive virtual collaborative learning concepts as well as by a consequent course coordination through the Learning Management System Moodle.

The FH Südwestfalen now also offer a selection from the 13 modules of the IMIS Online program as certificate courses. The certificate program enables participants to acquire application-oriented and at the same time scientifically sound expertise in a subject area without having to take up an entire degree course. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to get to know the IMIS online program. If all prerequisites are met, students can later change to the degree course transferring the credits they have already obtained.

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Target Group 

The program is aimed at professionals and is designed in such a way that they do not have to give up their jobs but can study part-time and primarily online (also from outside Germany). Therefore, the in total 90 credits are spread across 4 semesters, resulting in a reduced workload in the respective semesters. The online course format enables students to study form anywhere and at any time.

Course Objectives & Qualification Goals

The objective of the professional IMIS Online course is to qualify ambitious employees for future leadership roles considering the requirements of modern information and communication systems. In addition to the further development of expert knowledge, a central objective is the development of self-management, social and methodological competencies.

In detail, the program aims to achieve the following qualification goals:

  • Development of scientific knowledge and application-oriented competencies in BA and IS: Graduates have in-depth scientific knowledge in the fields of business administration and IT. Further, they should be able to identify innovation potential in the context of complex information systems and business processes and to design and implement change processes accordingly.
  • Imparting of digital literacy and international, multicultural and social competencies. The online learning environment systematically fosters the students’ media and virtual social competences. Due to the English-language instruction within the study program modules and the international background of the students, the students’ foreign language and intercultural skills are further developed. The academic discourse in the international student group promotes the intercultural awareness of the students and creates added value beyond the subject by learning about other cultures.
  • Enabling lifelong learning and proactive change management skills. The IMIS Online course strengthens the students’ ability for self-directed lifelong learning. The growing heterogeneity of information and the fast pace of technology-driven change in today’s business world require the systematic and critical handling of information and the proactive design of change processes.

Program Outline

Degree profile

The degree program leads to a university degree in the field of business administration, with a curricular focus on the areas of “Management” and “Information Systems”.

Graduates acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills both in the individual areas of the integrated management approach (Business Marketing Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Management Accounting & Finance) and in the information-related and strategy-oriented IT subjects (Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Information Management, Electronic Business).

At the same time, the relationship between IT and management will be addressed by dealing with the management of IT resources as well as the potential of IT as an enabler of new business models and management approaches. A distinct international component is ensured by the full implementation of the English language and the associated multicultural student group as well as the corresponding design of the modules.

Curriculum International Management & Information Systems - Online M.A.*

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester
International Management Business Process Management Business Marketing Management Digital Product & Project Management
International Economics Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation Leadership & Change Management Master’s Project: Final Thesis + Colloquium
Management Accounting & Finance E-Business Business Intelligence  
Business Informatics Enterprise Resource Planning Information Management  
1st Semester International Management International Economics Management Accounting & Finance Business Informatics
2nd Semester Business Process Management Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation E-Business Enterprise Resource Planning
3rd Semester Business Marketing Management Leadership & Change Management Business Intelligence Information Management
4th Semester Digital Product & Project Management Master’s Project: Final Thesis + Colloquium    

*Only the German version of the Examination Regulations is legally binding


Beginning of course:  winter semester (September)
Course duration: standard period of study 4 semesters, including Master thesis
ECTS: 90 credits
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Language of instruction: English

Program Structure

The Master’s program International Management & Information Systems ‑ Online (IMIS Online) is a professional part-time course that is conducted online apart from two on-campus phases. The program has a standard period of study of four semesters, a volume of 90 credits, and comprises thirteen compulsory modules as well as a Master's project consisting of a Master's thesis (21 credits) and a colloquium (4 credits).

The modules in the first three semesters have a scope of 20 credits. The fourth semester, which includes a module on Digital Product & Project Management in addition to the Master's project, comprises 30 credits.

Studying online and on-site

The concept of eLearning within all semesters enables studying flexibly at any location and at any time. However, an introductory attendance week and a summer camp on campus distinguish the program from pure online formats and offer additional social networking opportunities and didactic potential (e.g., interactive formats in the group and with the lecturers).

The online study program is coordinated via the learning management system Moodle, which is used to carry out the modules. In addition to the common Moodle-activities, e-lectures and web-based trainings are also used in many modules.

Forms of Assessment

The examinations in the individual modules are carried out either in the form of seminar papers, project works, portfolio examinations, or as written and oral examinations in the scope of the summer camp (attendance is compulsory).

Academic admission requirements

For admission to the Master’s program IMIS Online, the applicant is required to prove the successful completion of a Bachelor’s program, their professional expertise and their language skills.

Successful completion

  • of a Bachelor’s program of at least seven semesters with a volume of 210 credits or a diploma degree course in economics (business) or business informatics or a comparable degree course with an overall grade at least equal to the German grade "Good" (2.5) or the relative ECTS grade A or B,

  • of a six-semester Bachelor's program with a volume of 180 credits in economics (business) or business informatics or a comparable degree course with an overall grade at least equal to the German grade "Good" (2.5) or the relative ECTS grade A or B,
    • an additional qualification requirement defined by the examination board of the Master's program,
    • proof of relevant qualified practical professional experience from a subject-specific project for at least six months in addition to 12 months of practical professional experience.

Professional expertise

Proof of relevant, qualified practical experience of at least twelve months after completing a course of study qualifying for a profession.

Language Requirements

Proof of qualification: TOEFL score of at least 575 (paper-based) or 232 (computer-based) or 91 (internet based); IELTS score of at least 6.5 on the rating scale (a score of at least 6.0 in reading comprehension and writing is required). The burden of proof does not apply to applicants who have acquired their general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification at a German-speaking institution.

Application deadline

EU Students: 20th May to 31st July every year
Non EU Students: 16th November to 31st July every year

Please note that the application deadlines can also be extended. Find out more about this on the website of the university (see Links & Documents).

International applicants

On behalf of its member universities, uni-assist checks which entitlement study applicants have to study in Germany based on the ZaB's guidelines. Providing this type of expert opinion is uni-assist's main task. Most universities also entrust uni-assist with checking further criteria, either formal or dependent on the course of study. If an applicant is entitled to study and fulfils all of the university's application requirements in full and on time, uni-assist will forward their application on to the university in electronic form. The university alone will then carry out the selection and admission process and issue letters of admission and rejection.

Please apply via the internet at: ASSIST e.V.
Application at ASSIST (additional information here)

German applicants and applicants formally on equal terms with a German applicant

Prospective students who have completed their Bachelor's degree at a German university, or are nationals of European Union Countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway use the online application from the homepage of the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen.

Contributions and fees

€2200/ semester

This program is based on a self-financing by the students.

Costs of living

It is assumed that students reside in their respective hometowns and travel to Soest for two on-campus phases. Board and lodging for these weeks plus travel expenses are to be paid for by the students.